About Me

Andy Cross here…

I created this stretch mark treatment site to help others, who like me, struggled with bad stretch marks.

It all started when I was about 15 and being a male this was quite distressing. I first started getting this on my hips and didn’t give it a lot of attention as it was relatively small and did’t bother me too much.

Only when it started appearing on my stomach did I start to get worried. It spread rapidly and seemed that every day when i look in the mirror there was another red stretch mark on my belly.

At that time there were many people claiming that you can remove this completely and that you will never know it was there……I have heard all the stories.

Scrub remedies to get blood circulating, Collagen ¬†product costing a fortune and and and…..

It is now many years and trials later and what I can tell you is this:

You can reduce the appearance. This has worked for me.

  • You can’t make them completely and utterly disappear. Like I said in my home page, “get your head out of the clouds”
  • They do lighten after some time by themselves and become less noticeable.
  • Treat them early when they are red stretch marks. Treating them, for me, was a life changing moment when I first saw the results.

If you are looking for what I consider to be the best solution out there as a stretch mark treatment, check out my home page on the Revitol product.

==> The stretch Mark Treatment I recommend